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Australia’s Education System

The education system in Australia not only provides a top-notch international college experience but also gives you access to opportunities that will prepare your resume for any global job market. With diverse industries and vast knowledge, this country is an excellent place for unique networks with other learners around the world!
When you study in Australia, your education is not only focused on the subjects that interest you. You will learn about many different areas of interest and knowledge which help to form a global network for yourself after graduating from one of its prestigious universities.
The education system of Australia is categorised into three different levels areas and those are – Primary School, Secondary or Senior Secondary School, and Tertiary Education.

Primary School

Starting from kindergarten and running for seven or eight years.

Secondary School

Starting from 7 or 8 years of age and running from three or four years. Senior Secondary School - Starting from 11 years of age and running from 2 years of study. Tertiary School - It is the level of study in higher education, vocational education, and training (VET).

Senior Secondary School – Starting from 11 years of age and running from 2 years of study. Tertiary School – It is the level of study in higher education, vocational education, and training (VET).

Vocational Education and Training

Internationally recognised for high-quality education systems around the world, Australia provides the best practices in vocational and education training, being able to procure individual competency and focus on the development of knowledgeable skills relevant to the skilled specialisation of the students.

Foundation Studies

Foundation studies in Australia is one of the best education programs for students who wish to study at Australian Universities. It is a program specially designed for international students that allows them to study a pre-university year within a full range of accredited specialist programs for a maximum of one year.

CRICOS Registration

If you are an international student, one of your options is to study in an institution that is accredited by CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students). It is managed by the Australian Government Department of Education to allow education providers to offer different courses to overseas students who aim to study in Australia using their student visa.

Australian Qualification Framework

The Australian Qualification Framework was established in 1995 by the Australian Government to make sure that qualification titles across Australia are consistent and represent high standards of education.

The Australian Qualification Framework is an established system that ensures the quality of qualifications for education across Australia. It creates a standard for all students to follow so they can be confident about their education and what they will achieve later in their life as they graduate and finish their studies.
The study has helped make sure people living in Australia have access to top-quality learning opportunities as well as preserve history by verifying academic records. The system of qualifications in Australia has been designed to provide clarity and simplicity for both international students, as well Australian institutions. This means that you can easily search through all your options by looking at what level each qualification represents so it will be easier for the students to choose what type of studies suited best!
The guide provides a clear and easy way for international students to find the best course suited to their needs by matching them to Australian qualifications. This is beneficial because it saves time trying to figure out what each level of education means or which institution will offer you that particular kind, as well as allowing more people from around Australia to access these great opportunities!

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