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Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186

The employer nomination scheme visa subclass 186 is applicable for the applicants who are nominated by their employer so that they can come and work in Australia. The applicant needs to have the required skills to carry out the work. The applicant is eligible to apply for a visa subclass 186 only if he or she is nominated by an Australian employer. The character and the health requirements need to be attained by the applicant.
With visa 186, the applicant can work as well as study in the country and can reside in the country permanently. They can also register their names for the medical health care scheme that is present in the country. The family members who wish to come and reside in Australia with the applicant can also do so. But to do that the applicant needs to sponsor for them.

The visa 186 has three categories that are Direct Entry Scheme visa, Labour Agreement Scheme visa, and Temporary Residence Transition Scheme visa. The direct entry scheme visa and temporary residence transition scheme visa permits the applicant to work and reside in the country as long as they wish to and they need to be nominated by an employer. The labour agreement stream visa is applicable for those skilled workers who wish to come to the country so that they can work. They can travel to-and-fro the country as many times as they wish for the initial 5 years and if they wish to continue traveling after that they need to have a Resident Return visa to enter Australia.

The applicant can also apply for the citizenship of the country if he or she is able to qualify the eligibility criteria. The visa 186 is a permanent visa and to have it, the applicant needs to attain all the clauses. To know about the best suitable stream according to individual situations, AIEC would be very helpful.