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Family Visa

Family-Sponsored Visa

To migrate with their family members, Australian citizens and permanent residents of Australia can now apply for a new type called the ‘family visa’. This entitles partners including ex-partners, parents & children as well as other close relatives that they will be able to live in this country subject only to some prerequisites.

The Family visas are sponsored by Australians who’ve got eligibility requirements like being a resident or an eligible Australian citizen – but what does it all mean?


Immigrants to Australia can now come as part of their families. The Australian immigration department has introduced new visas that allow partners, parents, and children among others in the country subject only to some pre-conditions which they are eligible for if met by either party before applying!

Parent Visa

The parent visa is offered to applicants who have eligible children/children living in this country as Australian citizens, permanent residents, and New Zealanders. This category of family immigration usually requires sponsorship from those individuals’ descendants staying here legally. However, there are some exceptions when it comes down to providing proof that you’re their grandparents! Have yourself a worry-free mindset because we are here to assist you to obtain all the necessary documents for your granted family visa.


The Parent Australian visa is a great option for those who want to come and work in Australia. It’s available as either an aged or working kind, with the opportunity of changing it from temporary residence status into permanent resident one if you apply soon enough! 


The contributory parent visa is another option for faster processing of the visa but it is more costly than the parent visa.

Child Visa

The sponsorship of a child visa is necessary to be done by someone who has a permanent settlement in Australia, or an Australian citizen.

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The Partner Category Visa

If you are looking to move abroad and live in Australia with your loved ones, then the Partner Visa class is perfect for what you need. Candidates who wish to enter this country on these visas have temporary settlements initially followed by permanent residency after some time has passed.


Under the Partner Visa Class, a spouse or fiance/fiancee is allowed to immigrate permanently for settlement. Candidates migrating with this visa have temporary settlements followed by permanent residency after two years of marriage – provided they meet all other criteria!

These include:

  • Spouses or married partners
  • Fiancee or Fiance
  • Partner with the intention of marriage
  • Committed partners including those with same sex

The successful immigrant must have a partner in the following criteria:

  • Permanent resident of Australia
  • Australian Citizen
  • Eligible New Zealand Resident


Other Family Members

The Australian government is proud to offer a wide range of family visas that allow people coming from overseas, including their loved ones in Australia. If you are a relative, brother, sister, or caregiver, you are entitled to apply for a family visa. The temporary type can later be changed into one with more permanent status if desired by the applicants or their sponsors – this includes citizens and residents alike!

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Apex immigration always strives hard towards meeting clients’ needs; this includes ensuring that every applicant has met certain criteria before being accepted into Australia permanently through residence or any qualified status!

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