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We are a professional and dedicated team of consultants who provide consultation, assessment, and visa services for the GSM category. We have extensive knowledge about Australia’s immigration system which we emphasise to make sure you get your desired result efficiently!
The General Skilled Migration Visa is a path to permanent residency for skilled workers who want the Australian lifestyle and working culture. It’s also possible that you’ll receive sponsorship from your employer to gain entry as well! When applying, Apex Immigration provides consultation services along with the assessment of eligibility, so we can provide appropriate visas based on what’s best suited not only now but for the long term too. GSM Visa will almost certainly be more beneficial than any other type available right now for working in Australia.

Accounting Program

The Accounting Professional Year Program is affiliated with three important organisations in Australia. The CPA Australia, Institute of Chartered Australia (ICA), and (IPA) Institute of Public Accountants are the three institutions that made the Accounting Professional Year Program more valuable. It is a program designed to help international Accounting graduates develop the desired skills in their Accounting career in Australia.  
  • Business Talent Visa – Permanent
  • Business Innovation and Investment Visa
  • Skilled Independent Visa
  • Skilled Nominated Visa
  • Skilled Sponsorship Visa
The team at Apex Immigration has made the mission to process GSM visas with care and efficiency. We work closely together, facilitating the smooth processing of your visa application while also providing thorough consultations on what is needed for successful immigration in Australia or any other country you may want to stay or work soon after arriving and permanently settling down!

What Is A General Skilled Migration Visa?

Here’s the basic detail about General Skilled Migration Visa:
If you are interested in immigrating to Australia, your application for an immigration permit or visa must meet certain criteria. You must first submit information about yourself which will help determine if there are any potential eligibility requirements based on the type of residency. The following list includes some basic details required when lodging an EOI:
  • Personal Information (basic details only)
  • Work Experience Details
  • Documents for Qualifications
  • English Language Information – IELTS
  • Successful Skills Assessment – related to your occupation
All skill assessment test results are valid only for three (3) years from the date of issuance unless there is a short assessment validity period stated on the skill assessment result.

The following visas require that you pass a valid skills assessment to be eligible for registration:

It’s important to ensure that your skills assessment is valid at the time of lodgment for certain visas, like General Skilled Migration.  
  • Skill Assessment For Direct Entry Stream of the Employer – The Nominated Scheme
  • Skill Assessment For Direct Entry Stream of the Regional Sponsored – The Migration Scheme
  • Skill Assessment For Graduate Work Stream – The Temporary Graduate Visa
The following skill assessment must have validity at the time of validation and application for the following visas:

  • Skilled – Independent type of Visa
  • Skilled – The nominated type of Visa
  • Skilled Regional – Provisional Visa

Why Is A GSM Visa Suits For You?

If you’re a skilled worker who wants to live and work in Australia on an ongoing basis, the General Skilled Migration Visa is for you. This visa also applies if your sponsor can get sponsorship from an Australian employer! Apex Immigration provides consultation and assistance to all those aspiring individuals who want to stay and work in Australia for good.

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We are a specialist company in the field of immigration, and education consultation. We’ll assess whether or not this type of migration process would be best suited to our client’s needs at hand by providing them with accurate details and process information about all options available including GSM visas and others to make your stay in Australia fast and granted.

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We are a specialist company in the field of immigration. We offer consultation, assessment and visa services for individuals who wish to live or work in Australia under the GSM category.