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Parent Visa

The Aussies are coming!

The Family Visa is a type of visa that can be applied for by any individual or the next generation. To qualify, you must meet certain requirements and regulations based on your family’s situation to ensure they are eligible under Australian law!

Parent Visa

If You Are Living In Australia


Aged Parent Visa Application

If you are a parent with an age equivalent to the eligible person for Australian age person, then you are eligible to apply for a parent visa under the category of Aged Parent Visa.


Contributory Aged Parent Visa (Residency Visa)

It is a permanent visa for parents living with their child/children in Australia. If you want a fast and accurate visa for you to spend your life with your children here in Australia, then, this type of Visa matches your eligibility.


Contributory Aged Visa (Temporary Visa)

It is a temporary visa valid only for two years. If you are holding this type of visa, then you are eligible to apply for a permanent Contributory Aged Visa.

Choose Apex Immigration For Parent Visa

We at Apex Immigration & Education Consultant provide a range of services to help people with their family visas and parent visas. Our years in the industry have given us expertise and knowledge that will be relevant for you, whether it’s on parent visas or other family-migration-related issues.
Apex Immigration offers consultation through all types of Australian immigration rules & regulations which makes us a trustworthy institution for processing any type of family visa application.

If You Are Outside Of Australia

Contributory Parent Visa ( Migrant Visa)
So, you’re a parent with kids living in Australia? You might want to consider the Parent visa. It’s not as expensive and it processes more quickly than other permanent immigration options!

Contributory Parent Visa (Temporary)

If you are living outside of Australia and you have children in Australia, then this type of visa is eligible for you to apply for. It is valid for two years of stay in Australia with your children but as a holder of this type of visa, you can apply for a permanent residency visa to stay with your family for the long term.

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