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Partner Visa

Partner Visa

The Partner Visa is a special type of visa for married or de facto partners who want to enter and remain in Australia.


The applicant must be engaged in an intimate relationship with their partner, which can include same-sex couples and opposite-sex genders if they’re Australian citizens or permanent residents. The main requirement is that you have a mutual commitment towards one another.


We at Apex Immigration and Education Consultant work to make sure that you are granted a Partner visa through our careful assessment and consultation process.


Partner visas are a type of immigration status that allows people to live in Australia with their significant other. They come from either Prospective Marriage or Relationship Visa classifications, depending on what kind of relationship you have with your companion at the time of application for this permit. But no matter which sub-classification it falls under, there’s always room available for you to get any type of visa here at Apex Immigration!

More About The Partner Visa Application

If you are in Australia

You are eligible to apply for a Partner Temporary Visa or Permanent Visa if you are in Australia and living with your partner who is an Australian citizen. If the relationship is genuine and still living together after two years, you will be granted a permanent visa.


If you are outside of Australia

If you are living outside of Australia and you have a relationship with one of the Australian citizens, you are also eligible to apply for a Partner Temporary Visa or Permanent Visa. A continuous relationship of two years will meet the criteria for a permanent residency in Australia.


The Australian government has created several different types of visas for those who want to live in the country. If you have committed your life to an Australian citizen, then after two continuous years they may allow you permanent residency upon request! This process will be quick and effective if you choose to have Apex Immigration handle all the assessment and documentation needed for this type of visa application.

Prospective Marriage Visa

Interested in Australia? This is the perfect visa for you and your future spouse! Australian courtship rules allow eligible people to apply before marriage so that they can live as partners. 


The laws surrounding this type of residence permit are interesting: One of the applicants must be either an Australian citizen or permanent resident with certain other qualifications.


This is for those who want to enter Australia before they get married. To apply, your fiance must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident of the country. And you’ll need both sets of visas if you want this to work out well in the long term!

Here are the types of relationships and the visas that are matched to them:

  • Partner Relationship in De Facto, including same-sex relationship: Partner Visa
  • De Jure Relationship which is the married relationship: Partner Visa
  • Intended Marriage Relationship: Prospective Marriage Visa

Subclass Partner Visa

Subclass Partner Visas are of two types: temporary and permanent. When a relationship is sufficiently long-standing and/or children of that partnership exist, then the visa will become permanent.


If your partner is an Australian citizen, then you automatically gain permanent residency under the Partner Visa category.


If you’re engaged or in a relationship with an Australian citizen, then there’s no need to apply separately. You can automatically receive permanent residency under the Partner Visa category!


If you wish to live permanently in Australia while having a temporary visa, then the first step is applying for a visa and being assessed for legal criteria.


Permanent residency in Australia is a privilege that must be applied for and approved by meeting the criteria set out in law and we are here to provide you with assistance every step of the way.

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