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Professional Year Program In Australia

Apex Immigration & Education Consultant offers a wide range of educational services for those looking to migrate and live in Australia. We provide assistance on the Professional Year Program, which is designed to enhance the capabilities of Engineering, IT, and Accounting aspirants so that professionals can find employment suits for their abilities after years of studying their profession before arriving as an immigrant or permanent resident!
The Professional Year Program is an excellent choice to get nurtured before entering the workforce. Our programs help you develop your skills so that when it comes time for actual work, everything will go much smoother!
The Professional Year Program is a great way to get trained and prepared before you enter into professions in the real world. It’s excellent for those who want their skills perfected, as it can help them land an amazing job with places like Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Clayton in Australia or even overseas!
The PY program is an excellent choice to get nurtured before entering a good organisation in places like Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. The training course provides students with skills that will be necessary for on-the-job as they work towards becoming certified professionals!
The Professional Year program is an exciting opportunity for students who have graduated from recognized institutions to gain international experience before they start their next big adventure. It provides students with five points towards Australia’s immigration application process and helps them stand out among other candidates!
The Professional Year program is a prestigious opportunity for international students, IT graduates, Engineering graduates and Accounting graduates to gain skills and knowledge that will assist them in their next endeavour. Clearing this examination accords applicants five points towards Australia Immigration application status!
This program is intended for 44 weeks of studies. The program will have 12 weeks of internship in which the student will learn more about the workplace environment in Australia and better communication practices to cope with all the requirements of living in the country.

Apex Immigration is proud to provide a premier service for those who require our expertise and guidance in gaining admission into one of its many prestigious Professional Year Programs.

We are proud to offer a wide range of professional programs for students from all over Australia. Apex Immigration is the leading company in providing professional year programs across Australia. The Professional Year program is an important step for people who have completed their education in Australia. It accords them superior status when applying to become permanent residents, and it also helps prepare them for the next phase of their life by clearing five points from Immigration authorities. It’s a great way to be successful in Australia!

IT Program

The ACS (IT) Professional Year is designed for those international graduates with IT Australian degrees to provide a better pathway for Australian employment. It is an initiative program of the Department of Home Affairs.

Engineering Program

Engineering Education Australia (EEA) is a 44-week Engineering Professional Year Program designed to enable the engineering graduate to learn more essential insights about the culture and standards of Australian workplaces.

Accounting Program

The Accounting Professional Year Program is affiliated with three important organisations in Australia. The CPA Australia, Institute of Chartered Australia (ICA), and (IPA) Institute of Public Accountants are the three institutions that made the Accounting Professional Year Program more valuable. It is a program designed to help international Accounting graduates develop the desired skills in their Accounting career in Australia.

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