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Spouse/Child/Parents Visas

Spousal Immigration is another option where one spouse immigrates to other spouse country. We help you out to move forward in your desired destination. To file the application, you need the sponsorship letter from your relatives if they have Citizenship or have permanent residency of that particular country, besides all this you must be met the other requirements for visa.

We, at AIEC give you the privilege comfortable services for Spouse/parents visa services. We provide professional and valuable advice and services to its clienteles who reconcile with their family under Child/spouse/parents visa.


New Zealand


Partner Visa

An Australian Partner Visa allows a partner of an Australian citizen to live in Australia. Spouse and de-facto partners of an Australian citizen can apply for this visa. This includes the 820/801 and 100/309 visa subclasses. Partners of permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens may also apply.

These visas apply to individuals in genuine relationships looking to live in Australia. You can either be married to your spouse or in a committed de facto relationship.

Unlike other visa applications, the process for a Partner Visa in Australia can take longer. This is because the process first begins with submitting the temporary application. Then there is a two-year wait before you can apply for the permanent Partner Visa.

For both applications, you need to organise significant documentation. If your application is accepted, you can be granted an Australian Partner Visa. However, the process can take three to four years for your partner to become a permanent Australian resident

If you're looking to apply for an Australian Partner Visa, talk to our migration agent has years of experience in helping couples from different countries reunite in Australia

Child Visa

A child will require a visa if they are not the holder of a permanent visa, and are intending to travel to, enter, or remain in Australia indefinitely.

A child visa allows the holder to live in Australia permanently if they are the child of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or are an eligible New Zealand citizen.

There is also a temporary child visa available for children of temporary partner visas (Subclass 820 or 309).

Please contact our expert in this regard.

Parent Visas

These visas are for parents, including parents in retirement age who have a child/children in Australia who are a settled Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen (sponsor).

There are different options: Temporary and Permanent parent visas.


  • Contributory Parent 173

  • Contributory Aged Parent 884

  • Sponsored Parents 870


  • Parent Visa 103

  • Aged Parent Visa 804
  • Contributory parent 143
  • Contributory Aged Parent 864

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