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Temporary Skill Shortage (Subclass 482) / TSS Visa Australia

The temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482 is an Australian visa that permits an employer to sponsor a skilled worker from a different country so that he or she can fill the space, for which the employer is unable to find an Australian skilled worker. The applicant who is applying for a 482 visa must know the English language. The applicant needs to be nominated by a sponsor and he or she needs to have the right skill so that the work can be done.
There are 4 categories in a TSS visa and they are Short-term stream, subsequent entrant, labour agreement stream, and medium-term stream. With this visa, the applicant is allowed to work in the country for 2 years and if the International Trade Obligation (ITO) permits then the applicant can continue doing the work for 2 more years.
With a Short-term stream and medium-term stream visa, the employer can reduce the labour shortage in the country by hiring skilled workers from other countries. The labour agreement stream visa applies to people who are being nominated by those who are having a labour agreement. The Subsequent entrant visa is applied to the family members of those applicants who are a holder of a TSS visa or a visa 457 and now they are applying for a TSS visa separately. It will help them in joining the primary visa holder who is holding a TSS visa or Subclass 457 and is residing in the country. AIEC is there to help the applicants who wish to apply for a TSS visa to come and work in the country. These experts will extend exceptional support in the entire visa application procedure!

Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Provisional Visa Subclass 494

The skilled employer sponsored regional provisional visa subclass 494 is granted by the Australian visa department to address labour shortage in the country. With the help of a visa 494, an Australian employer can sponsor the skilled labourer who wishes to come and work in the country. The visa authority has come up with visa 494 as the regional employers of the country are not able to find a skilled Australian labourer to carry out a particular work. The candidate must be below 45 years when he or she is applying for a subclass 494 and must meet the standards of “English language proficiency”. He or she must attain the eligibility clauses that are required for the visa to get sanctioned.


Subclass 494 is divided into three categories that are Employer Sponsored Stream, Subsequent Entrant, and Labour Agreement Stream. The subsequent entrant visa is applicable for those applicants who wish to join their family member who is a primary holder of a subclass 494. A labour agreement stream visa is applicable for the applicant who is nominated by an employer holding a labour agreement with the government of Australia. With a visa subclass 494, the applicant is allowed to reside in the country for 5 years only in designated areas. If the person wishes to apply for a permanent residency, then he/she has to attain the eligibility first. Once that is achieved, the candidate can apply for permanent residency after 3 years of visa grant. AIEC will help the applicants to understand the rules and regulations before he/she applies for it.