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Australia Visitor Visa

If you want to visit Australia and study or work here, we can help. We offer consultancy services for individuals looking into visiting as well as those already living in the country on visitor visas!
Immigration to Australia is a fulfilling goal. If you want to visit Australia, contact our consultancy service for assistance! We offer a documentation process for those who want to go to Australia as a visitor for travel or any other purposes.
Our consultants are knowledgeable about how the country’s immigration operates and will guide you every step of the way through this remarkable adventure into Australian life with ease-making on everything as simple as.

Investor Retirement Visa - The SubClass 405

  • Investor Retirement Visa applies to those self-funded retirees that have no dependents and want to stay in Australia for a long-term period.

Special Program Visa

  • Special Program Visa is also known as Seasonal Worker Program to enhance the international relation between one country and another country. It is an approved and sponsored special program that sends an invitation to the participant to adhere to a specific program that has been approved by both countries involved.

Transit Visa

  • The Transit Visa is for the holder of a visitor visa together with the dependents to transit through Australia with time limitations of 72 hours.

Australia visitor visa applies to the following conditions:

  • A visit to Australia includes vacation, recreational activities, leisure, medical treatment, and visiting an Australian resident family member.
  • A business transaction in Australia includes general business, government inquiries, business negotiations, government visits, attending seminars and conferences, job interviews or professional examinations.
  • There are also special categories under visitor visas apart from the latter.
When you want to visit Australia, there’s no better place than Apex Immigration. Whether it is for business or pleasure – we’ll make sure that your stay here will be both enjoyable and successful! Apex Immigration offers a wide range of visas to suit your needs. We will help you process all types of visa applications and get them done quickly so that the process is a success for both yourself, as well as our customers who are waiting for their turn to be in Australia for a visit!

Apex Immigration has the expertise and resources to process all of these visas as per your specific requirements

Visitor Visa – Subclass 600

  • Visitor Visa, SubClass 600 is for those who want to visit Australia utilizing business purposes and travel.
  • The eVisitor Visa is a free visa issued by the Department of Affairs to the passport holder.
  • The Electronic Travel Authority is issued to the passport holder of a certain country issued by the Department of Affairs which specified the type of visa.

Medical Treatment Visa

  • Medical Visa is intended for those individuals who want to have medical treatment in Australia.
  • These visas are good for medical consultation and medical treatment.
  • Donating organs need to have a Visitor Visa before entering Australia.
  • To support someone in medical treatment who has applied for a visa, a family member or a friend can get a visitor visa to help their companion and support them while having their medical treatment in Australia.
Basic Requirements of Visitor Visa

Whether you are looking to live and work in Australia permanently, or just visit for a short period, Apex Immigration can help make your dreams come true. We have years of experience with all types of visas. Here are the basic requirements for acquiring Visitor Visa:


  • Health Check Up and Medical Certification
  • Financial Documentations
  • Character Certifications
  • Insurance
  • Details of accommodations on a chargeable basis

Apex Immigration is your one-stop shop for all of the visa requirements that you may need to visit or live in Australia

If you’re looking for a Visitor visa to Australia, Apex Immigration has the expertise and connections that will get your application through quickly. We can help and assist with any situation or reason you may have for visiting Australia!